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Meet the Temper Team

William Dykstra


Bill is the president/founder of Temper Inc. He has over 20 years of experience in using magnetics to process materials. Bill has been Principal investigator for 4 of Temper's previous projects and has 18 current patents with 7 pending.

Luke Martin

Design Engineer

Luke has over 10 years as lead design engineer in process design of tooling using magnetics. He has his Professional engineering license in the State of Michigan and has 2 current patents with 5 pending. Luke is responsible for the mechanical design work at Temper Inc.

Marc Matsen

Boeing Engineering Fellow

Marc is a retired Boeing Engineering Fellow and is the named inventor on 138 US patents. Marc has over 37 years of experience in Aerospace materials and processing including both metallics and composites. Marc served as the Principle Investigator on two DoE Advanced Manufacturing projects - Induction Consolidation/Molding of Thermoplastic Composites Using Smart Susceptors (GO-18135) and Energy Efficient Thermoplastic Composite Manufacturing (DE-EE0005780). Marc has a Bachelor of Science in Metallurgical Engineering from the University of Washington 1982

Temper Inc. Board of Directors