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Read about the Induction based Material Processing Technologies that Temper Inc. has been developing. Here you will find the latest news and published papers from Temper and our Partners.

Temper Receives NASA Grant to Develop Process for Welding on the Moon

Temper Inc. receives $100K NASA project grant - Grand Rapids Business JournalA Cedar Springs manufacturer received a grant from NASA for a thermoplastics welding technology process it is developing for use in space.Grand Rapids Business JournalRachel Watson [https://grbj.com/news/manufacturing/temper-inc-receives-100k-nasa-project-grant/] Read More Here: Read the Full Story [https://grbj.com/news/manufacturing/temper-inc-receives-100k-nasa-project-grant/]

Energy Efficient Thermoplastic Composite Manufacturing

The objective of the project was to establish an effective and affordable method to layup and consolidate/join large thermoplastic composite aerospace strucutres with cycle times measured in minutes rather than hours. See how Temper Inc. led the Thermoplastic Composite Manufacturing Technology development path alongside The Boeing Company by reading the full paper. Download Paper [https://temperinc.netlify.app/documents/Thermoplastic Composite Mfg Final Report DE-EE0005780.pdf]

Induction Consolidation and Molding of Thermoplastic Composites Using Smart Susceptors Final Report

This project has focused on the area of energy efficient consolidation and molding of fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite components as an energy efficient alternative to the conventional processing methods such as autoclave processing. The expanding application of composite materials in wind energy, automotive, and aerospace provides an attractive energy efficiency target for process development. The intent is to have this efficient processing along with the recyclable thermoplastic mate

Hot Metal Gas Forming – The Next Generation Process for Manufacturing Vehicle Structural Components

There are two papers on Hot Metal Gas Forming whose research was led by William Dykstra, president of Temper Inc. The first is found in the Proceedings of the 1999 SAE (Society of Automotive Engineering) International Body Engineering Conference. Download Paper [https://temperinc.netlify.app/documents/Hot Metal Gas Forming 1999-01-3229.pdf] The second is found in the Proceedings of the 2001 SAE (Society of Automotive Engineering) International Body Engineering Conference. Download Paper [ht